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  • Unity HDRP Water System

    Unity HDRP Water System

    This post is my exploration/tutorial of the new Water system from unity for the high definition render pipeline, which is integrated into the HDRP package (v16.0.1)

  • My Chat GPT Experience

    My Chat GPT Experience

    In this blog post, i’ll be exploring the exciting world of AI technology and its many applications.

  • Inspiration and where to find it…

    Inspiration and where to find it…

    I’ve heard it so many times we work in an agile way, yet when it comes down to it the office still needs a timeframe and an estimation.

  • FAME Simulator

    FAME Simulator

    A little promotion video of the simulators I work on .

  • Back in business…

    Back in business…

    Now it’s 2021 and we’re in totally different social norm environment.. stay away, keep your distance, don’t touch me, where’s your face mask? type stuff.. All the more reason to spend some time on fixing this site 🙂 So finally the site is back up and running, too long have i fooled around with site…

  • Arduino monitoring revisited.. yay smartmeter..

    Arduino monitoring revisited.. yay smartmeter..

    A while ago, I started a project to monitor power usage; you can read about it in my post Arduino: kWh Monitoring (part 1). Recently, I had a new “smart meter” installed, and naturally, I couldn’t let that go unnoticed.

  • Debugging DLL’s in Unity

    Debugging DLL’s in Unity

    Just recently I’ve been attempting to debug custom DLL’s in Unity with Visual Studio.

  • Unity GameObjects only in Editor please

    Unity GameObjects only in Editor please

    Say you have a project with objects you don’t want in your final build. With unity you can go about this is a whole bunch of different ways.

  • 2015… YAY!

    2015… YAY!

    Yes folk… Yet Another Year has come to our door and by gosh aren’t we all looking forward to it. So it’s that time again where I post a yearly happy new year post and tell you all to enjoy it as much as you can.

  • Creating an H.264 stream from Unity Content

    Creating an H.264 stream from Unity Content

    Currently I’m working on a project at work that requires the information (lets call it unity content) displayed on twelve screens in another room/building (a long way away from the computer generating it), it’s a little bit of an unrealistic-solution/challenge to connect a dvi/hdmi/<or you name it> cable through buildings… as quality degrades the longer…