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  • Debugging DLL’s in Unity

    Debugging DLL’s in Unity

    Just recently I’ve been attempting to debug custom DLL’s in Unity with Visual Studio.

  • Unity GameObjects only in Editor please

    Unity GameObjects only in Editor please

    Say you have a project with objects you don’t want in your final build. With unity you can go about this is a whole bunch of different ways.

  • Unity Post Process Mayhem

    Are you sick and tired of forgetting to copy that data file to the build directory after each and every standalone build in unity? Sure you could incorporate it into the project but you don’t want that, you just wish that PostProcessBuildPlayer script would work on windows. As of Unity 3.5.2 life just got better……

  • Unity Editor Macros

    A while back the guys at unity released a version of their editor with macros enabled (by accident) in the current version is has been removed/disabled. (this because it’s something they use for testing and not meant for production environments) But with recent endeavours I found it’s possible to enable it in the editor making…