2015… YAY!

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Yes folk… Yet Another Year has come to our door and by gosh aren’t we all looking forward to it. So it’s that time again where I post a yearly happy new year post and tell you all to enjoy it as much as you can, whether you do or not is entirely in your hands. Some of you may have the best of intentions for the new year others may not, either way I’m going to spill a few of my intentions for this year.

#1) More blog posts. Eventually this is for me, myself and I, we’d all like to have a blog with more than just happy new year posts.

#2) Will continue posting unity tips & tricks

#3) will probably have some parenting related posts in the future

#4) Did I say more blog posts?

If I have any more great idea’s I’ll be sure to write a post about it, although I’m not going to commit to a “I’ll post once a week” but there is a goal in there somewhere.
I’m gonna leave it a that for now Happy New Year and hopefully I’ll get back here with something useful to say.


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