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  • Unity HDRP Water System

    Unity HDRP Water System

    This post is my exploration/tutorial of the new Water system from unity for the high definition render pipeline, which is integrated into the HDRP package (v16.0.1)

  • My Chat GPT Experience

    My Chat GPT Experience

    In this blog post, i’ll be exploring the exciting world of AI technology and its many applications.

  • Arduino monitoring revisited.. yay smartmeter..

    Arduino monitoring revisited.. yay smartmeter..

    A while ago, I started a project to monitor power usage; you can read about it in my post Arduino: kWh Monitoring (part 1). Recently, I had a new “smart meter” installed, and naturally, I couldn’t let that go unnoticed.

  • Creating an H.264 stream from Unity Content

    Creating an H.264 stream from Unity Content

    Currently I’m working on a project at work that requires the information (lets call it unity content) displayed on twelve screens in another room/building (a long way away from the computer generating it), it’s a little bit of an unrealistic-solution/challenge to connect a dvi/hdmi/<or you name it> cable through buildings… as quality degrades the longer…

  • Arduino: kWh Monitoring

    Arduino: kWh Monitoring

    Inspired by a fellow ne2000-event goer (dutch site) who made a kwh-meter-meter. I decided to also do something similar with my Arduino as it was just sitting idle in a box waiting for greatness… To do such a project requires a light amount of electronics experience, although you can probably do it without. If you know…