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  • My Chat GPT Experience

    My Chat GPT Experience

    In this blog post, i’ll be exploring the exciting world of AI technology and its many applications.

  • Inspiration and where to find it…

    Inspiration and where to find it…

    I’ve heard it so many times we work in an agile way, yet when it comes down to it the office still needs a timeframe and an estimation.

  • Hello 2013… Happy New Year Everyone!

    Hello 2013… Happy New Year Everyone!

    2012 has been a great year with a cherry on top… just before new years on the 27th my wife gave birth to our brand new daughter who is doing very well. This last year has been good, I got a permanent contract at work and we moved into our own house back in feb,…

  • Unity Video Capture

    Unity Video Capture

    There once was a Unity Engine roadmap without any means of capturing video or audio, conclusion: If you wanna do it right do it yourself or hope unity implements it themselves.. w00t v3.5 🙂 well anyway before 3.5 my little plugin named Video Grabber was born… Built on the basis of OpenFrameworks (being one of…

  • Updated Site Theme

    Ok first of all, it was definitely needed wasn’t it.. the old Twenty Ten template has been and gone… plus it dont look that swiffy anymore.. So yes i’ve updated the theme and I think it’s a definite improvement! Saves me a huge hassle making one and this one is customizable enough for me… and i’ve always…

  • Enable WebGL in Safari

    Enable WebGL in Safari

    Yes, Safari Supports WebGL… [Reason] Why do I want to enable WebGL in Safari on Mac OS X.. well to view the Shader Toy made by Inigo Quilez of course… [/Reason]

  • Gameplay: Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

    Gameplay: Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

    Just finished the Wings Of Liberty campaign this weekend. Good story and I like the gameplay around it. It be cool to know a bit more behind the scenes and how on earth they created such a game, in terms of game logic and mechanics behind it. It must be one huge amount of variables…

  • Online Chill Mix

    Something of a nice mix of music i found on the web, for a quiet time using (which i had never heard of)…

  • Rant: Things You Can’t Google

    Rant: Things You Can’t Google

    I’ve decided to start a list of things you can’t google for but would be darn handy if you could, currently I only have a few but I will keep updating this list.

  • Happy 2011!

    Happy 2011!

    To everyone I wish you a happy new year and hope the best for you! 🙂 Happy New Year!