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  • Unity HDRP Water System

    Unity HDRP Water System

    This post is my exploration/tutorial of the new Water system from unity for the high definition render pipeline, which is integrated into the HDRP package (v16.0.1)

  • FAME Simulator

    FAME Simulator

    A little promotion video of the simulators I work on .

  • Debugging DLL’s in Unity

    Debugging DLL’s in Unity

    Just recently I’ve been attempting to debug custom DLL’s in Unity with Visual Studio.

  • Unity GameObjects only in Editor please

    Unity GameObjects only in Editor please

    Say you have a project with objects you don’t want in your final build. With unity you can go about this is a whole bunch of different ways.

  • Creating an H.264 stream from Unity Content

    Creating an H.264 stream from Unity Content

    Currently I’m working on a project at work that requires the information (lets call it unity content) displayed on twelve screens in another room/building (a long way away from the computer generating it), it’s a little bit of an unrealistic-solution/challenge to connect a dvi/hdmi/<or you name it> cable through buildings… as quality degrades the longer…

  • Unity Media WordPress Plugin

    Sadly this plugin uses the old webplayer implementation and is no longer supported For all of those people out there with a wordpress site and a will to show some unity content. Here’s your chance to shine…You can use the plugin below to do exactly that, glad to be of assistance. Unity Media Plugin Unity…

  • Unity Post Process Mayhem

    Are you sick and tired of forgetting to copy that data file to the build directory after each and every standalone build in unity? Sure you could incorporate it into the project but you don’t want that, you just wish that PostProcessBuildPlayer script would work on windows. As of Unity 3.5.2 life just got better……

  • Unity Webcam Example

    [UnityMedia src=/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Webcam.unity3d width=550 height=344] Created a quick example in Unity free version to show it’s possible without having the pro version. This uses the webcam script I created earlier on a simple plane.

  • Project: MOBZ

    Project: MOBZ

    For the past year (2011) I’ve been working at Movares on a simulator for the training of bridge & lock operators. Operators of what??? the people that control locks/sluices for boats and plus some bridges. More info about MOBZ can be found here and here I now know a lot about them. I built the…

  • Unity Video Remake: Webcam Textures

    Unity Video Remake: Webcam Textures

    A while back I posted something about video capture in Unity with a sad plea for beta access to version 3.5 which is now finally in public beta, so I decided to do a new post. Setting up a Webcam Texture in Unity Now as you may have seen in the Script Reference (the only…