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  • Switched Pages

    For me, ExpressionEngine makes templating and creating plugins a whole lot easier than the complex Typo3. Because of this i decided to make the step to EE. It makes publishing on the web feel more natural. (that’s my wefeelfine.org sentence lets see if it actually comes up there). Only a few more days till we…

  • Almost Time

    It will take about another 3 weeks before my girlfriend and I have to take a plane to London. We’re leaving really early in the morning and will be taking a plane to San Francisco. I’m certainly looking forward to it, even if it’s the longest ever away from home and i’m sure we’ll have…

  • Site Content

    It has finally happend, I’ve placed various content i’ve made on my site, gradually I hope to build up more of a portfolio. I also now have a working news system (finally figured out how it works).. i’m working on a commenting system and blog etc.. all in good time. Thats it for now i’ll…

  • The Great Escape

  • ne2000 v6

    Once again another good ne2000 event. Despite the not so good weather, it was a nice & fun event, with lots of great people. See here the flyer designed by myself for the event: Ne2kv6_1_final.pdf

  • Ingersoll-Rand

    Hellow.. Working at Ingersoll-Rand at the moment soon to start on a website for the company. Recently signed up for a new Bachelor course “Communication & Multimedia Design” which should workout well, i hope.. i wish to get myself a new laptop sometime.. till then i’m working here which is going well .. c ya

  • Last Newspaper

    Today i delivered my last newspaper… And man am i glad about it! Finally rid of them! back to the days of normal sleep & sleeping in!, Horray for me