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Sadly this plugin uses the old webplayer implementation and is no longer supported

For all of those people out there with a wordpress site and a will to show some unity content. Here’s your chance to shine…
You can use the plugin below to do exactly that, glad to be of assistance.

Unity Media Plugin

Unity Media Plugin allows you to upload various Unity Engine related files to your WordPress site. It also allows you to add a Unity Webplayer to your post.

Major features in Unity Media 1.0 are:

  • Uploading of FBX files, .unitypackages and .unity3d files
  • Inserting multiple webplayers into your posts


You can download my plugin here: [download id=”1024″]


1. Upload plugin zip to site
2. Activate plugin
3. You can now upload a .unity3d file
4. And place the following tag in a post to add a unity webplayer to it:

[UnityMedia src="<url of unity3d file>" width=550 height=344]

Let me know if you like this plugin or if you think it’s missing some important feature, your welcome to comment or donate so I can update it.


6 responses to “Unity Media WordPress Plugin”

  1. George Avatar

    Hello! I just tried to install the plugin, but can’t make it working. I followed the steps you gave, but what I see in my post is just an image of unity web player, with a status bar as it loads, but the bar is empty. I can’t click anywhere, it doesn’t do anything. Can u maybe enlighten me how to make it working from that point?
    Thank you!

    1. iKriz Avatar

      Are you sure you’ve supplied the correct url to your unity3d file? It should be a relative url and start with a /

  2. Anirudha Avatar

    I’m not able to download the plugin. Random characters are displayed when I click the download link.

    1. iKriz Avatar

      Right-click the link and save download to .zip file then you can unpack it no problems.
      For some reason the plugin I have wants people to download the file primitive-style (that rhymes :))

  3. L3V Avatar

    Hello! First of all, thanks for the WordPress plugin, it is nice of you to provide it! I’ve found it, because I was looking for an alternative to the UnityDog WordPress plugin I have some issues with. I tried your plugin on my site, and so far it works well.
    However, I noticed that it automatically starts to load the .unity3d file when the page gets loaded. This is a bit bothersome if multiple games are embedded on the same page. Also, it would nice to have a function to switch to full screen (browser) mode. But these are just suggestions! 🙂

    1. iKriz Avatar

      Thanks for the suggestions, it seems its probably worth implementing a WebGL plugin these days.

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