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Once upon a time a few years back, I did a 10 week photography minor at Uni, These pictures were part of an assignment, they are a few of the best images I took during that course. Including the photos I took with a Pinhole camera.. I do miss doing that.. it was fun and gave unexpected results.. and it was real photography at the core 🙂

I mostly enjoyed spending time actually going out and standing in one place for 10 to 15 minutes to get enough exposure, plus it was a major kick to see the actual result after developing the photo, also sometimes a major dissappointment… I remember standing outside in the cold for around 20 minutes with my paint can duct-taped to a streetlight.. only to find out when developing that i had nothing but extremely dark patches…. so be warned 😉


MyselfMoss GrowthFrozen TreesOvergrown TreesDrunk TreeThe Watchful Crow
Grazing DeerQuiet SightPleasant PointA BridgePark PathPark Bench
Trees, Meet RoadContrastSteel TreeNature's RoadMan's RoadFighting the brick
Busy, Busy, BusyNature vs. TechnologyAutumn TrunkDont Look...Cool MorningCivilization



School Assignment, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Various School Assignments during a 10 week course in which i learned alot.

Assignments were:

Color on Color



Light & Shape

Photoshop Merge (The New Student)





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