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Just Updated My Site to WordPress (now i’m a fan) will sort out my portfolio properly and hopefully get some more stuff moving here.. 🙂

Some History of this website: It started out with me programming in PHP from scratch which was a nice way in the 90’s (somewhere in 1992) then I thought i’d tryout typo3 which also had a nice learning curve eventually being just a little too complex to be fun. After a few years I decided to tryout ExpressionEngine which was a nice experience with the free core version i built up a nice amout of posts but eventually needed more, plus EE2 was coming and is now no longer free (big impact in usage for them I think). So i looked around for an alternative… Joomla or Drupal mabye WordPress.. Eventually after a little reasearch it became wordpress… transferred my posts in EE to WordPress with this script I found on internet and tadaa.. easy as that. I love wordpress already 🙂


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