Sunny Australia, really?

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We have now been in australia for a couple of weeks and have travelled from Brisbane to Sydney, and will soon be travelling to Melbourne. Brisbane was rather wet and rainy we we’re going to go to Fraser Island but because of all the bad weather, even Surfers Paradise was stormy, we decided to head down to sydney where it is sunny.  We have been all over sydney already seeing places like Bondi Beach, The Opera House and the Power House Museum. In The Powerhouse Museum we saw a Star Wars Exhibition which was interesting. We had one fine day in Surfers Paradise so we walked along the beach and went into the center of town, I went up the Q1 building to the 77th floor within 40 seconds which is certainly a difference in pressure. Got alot of photos of a very nice view. Now currently in Sydney we are having a good time seeing the place and on wednsday we will be going to Melbourne. in another 10 days we will be back in holland… thats strange to say but its good to know its getting sunny at home.