Who on earth are you and why would I want to know? Is what your probably asking yourself about now.. Well cutting to the chase.. seeing your still here you probably do want to know. Maybe it’s something technical I made or you just thought I’d like to know more about this guy. Maybe your sizing me up and trying to get to know more about me.. well just ask, it can’t be that hard could it… There ain’t that much to tell to a total stranger (yes u, whoever you are)… Anyway let’s say you saw something of mine and liked it.. Let me know.. Place a comment, seriously I don’t bite, good chance I may even thank you or post more interesting stuff.. All in the interest of knowledge sharing and getting to know your fellow Internet surfer… 🙂

P.S. If you aren’t a stranger of mine and you actually do know me then for some reason your starting to stalk me here on my website the least you can say is hi.. so again comment, ok?


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  1. www.pilz.nl Avatar

    Hello Ikriz,

    I am really interested in the project you did on streaming mp4 (https://www.ikriz.nl/2014/02/21/creating-an-h-264-stream-from-unity-content/) can we get in contact to talk business?
    Hope to hear from you

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