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  • Back in business…

    Back in business…

    Now it’s 2021 and we’re in totally different social norm environment.. stay away, keep your distance, don’t touch me, where’s your face mask? type stuff.. All the more reason to spend some time on fixing this site 🙂 So finally the site is back up and running, too long have i fooled around with site […]

  • Rant: Things You Can’t Google

    Rant: Things You Can’t Google

    I’ve decided to start a list of things you can’t google for but would be darn handy if you could, currently I only have a few but I will keep updating this list.

  • Rant: Kettle Usability Issue

    We have a bad kettle… it has been designed poorly. When we boil some water and it’s almost at 100 degrees lets say to save time/energy you pick it up before it has “clicked off” because the water is hot enough anyway.. You pour your required amount of water and put the electric kettle back […]